Basil E. Bacorn


I am taking a break from entrepreneurship.

As of March 31, 2022, I am stepping away from all business endeavors and taking a break from the constant grind of entrepreneurship.I currently am working as the Adult Services Librarian at the Sayre Public Library, focusing on my writing, and doing some freelance marketing work on the side.Feel free to reach out to me at

About My Venture List

Hi! I'm Basil E. Bacorn, an artist, author, and entrepreneur. This site is meant to be a quick and easy "portfolio" for my business ventures.

My Venture List

My Unofficial Holding Company.
Basil E. Bacorn Enterprises is meant to be the parent company of all my other business ventures, but I haven't gotten that far yet. So, until an investor decides to invest, Basil E. Bacorn Enterprises remains an unincorporated brand "figurehead".

My Publishing Company.
Basil E. Bacorn Publishing was started in 2016 publishing exclusively work by me. After three years of publishing, I decided to open submissions to other writers in 2019. We specialized in the publication of works of fiction in genres including fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction, mystery, horror, and more, and closed down in the beginning of 2022.

My Online Mystery Box Store.
Inspired by the strange internet trend of purchasing "mystery boxes" of items online and not finding out what you bought until it arrives, BasilPlus Mystery Boxes are boxes containing one or multiple random products. Each randomly-selected box contains a guaranteed total retail value of at least $5.00, with some valuing up to $100 or more.

My Slightly Inactive Event Planning Business.
Basil E. Bacorn Productions offers planning and coordination services for a wide array of events. From weddings to launch parties, fundraisers to dances, every "Event by Basil" is handled with care and creativity. A new "Game Show" service is in the works!

Upcoming Venture List

The Pennsylvania Business School.
Coming soon...
A new type of higher education primarily for entrepreneurs seeking business degrees through hands-on, experience-based education. Learn more about the Business School Founders' Committee at

Safe and Clean Certified.
Coming soon...
A Food Service and Public Health Certification Business.
Know what you eat.

New Business Idea.
Coming soon...
Blog updates will be tagged "Big Cat Business Update" on my website here.

Former Business Ventures

My Bookstore Gift Shop.
Basil E. Bacorn Books, Art, and More was my first business with a physical location. It closed down at the end of 2019 because of the high overhead costs.

My Online Green Living Store.
Sustainably Essential was an online dropship store that sold a number of eco-friendly and green living products. It shut down due to troubles with the supplier and high shipping costs.

My Entertainment Company.
Circumstance Comedy was an online entertainment company and publishing imprint specializing in comedy and humor. It was consolidated with Basil E. Bacorn Publishing.